Services Software Services across technology and domain verticals

Web Application Development

Our dedicated web app developers have successfully completed multiple projects for a variety of industries and business domains, including e-Commerce, e-Learning, Analytics, Finance, Entertainment and more. We develop RESTfull web services. We are using JavaScript, JQuery frameworks for frontend web development and like Spring, Hibernate with J2EE.

Core Java Applications

Developed utility applications for message mappings for health care industries as well mobile payments. Used frameworks like Apache Camel, mapping tools for development of utility. Created web service interfaces for these utilities. Core java is our main expert area. We also use google material for better development.

Software Consultancy

Evaluation and research of emerging platforms, proof of concepts, comparative studies. Help clients make architectural decisions and select appropriate technology stack. Setting up frameworks (like Spring, Hibernate) and initial infrastructure for product developments. We provide a better service in all areas.

Mobile Applications

We build mobile applications in android as well as iOS platforms. We developed applications related to social media, health care and more. We have network of experts for doing UI/UX for mobile solutions. We advise our client for better technology. We have good knowledge base of developing push notification service and monitorization services.

Java and J2EE

Java J2EE is our core expertise area. Our engineers have worked on several core java as well as J2EE projects. we have strong knowledge base when it comes to J2EE and suite of frameworks like Spring, Hibernate. We have worked with SQL as well as no-SQL databases. We have also worked with RESTFull API development. We also use google material for better development.

Fast Track Development

We have been working closely with our clients and follow Agile-Scrum methodology. This enables better control, more transparency as well as easy reporting. We are involved and practice sprint planning, execution as well as retrospective ceremonies.

Android Application Development

We have better skill set to develop Android applications. We developed applications related to social media, health care and more. We have network of experts for doing UI/UX for mobile solutions. We have better knowledge base of push notifications and monitorization services

Developed electronic platform to supports patient reported outcomes which are extensive used by research team in paediatric oncology. The platform helps the researchers develop the PRO questionnaire, deliver the surveys to the participants, use the data collected to help decision making applications as well as providers. The context sensitive data collected is used in statistical analysis. The tool is designed to collect feedback from the patient, summarizes the feedback in report, for some studies interfaces with external decision making systems and raises alerts in case of distress. The alerts reach out to the doctor treating the patient. Platform also provides research study management features like enrolments, tracking.

On other projects, we have developed a transformation engine that maps the messages from HL7 to FHIR and vice-versa. Understanding the message formats, preparing transformation rules, designing the routing engine were the key roles performed.

Team has extensive experience in US health care and health insurance domain. We have significant understanding of claim processing, member enrollment and pharmacy domain. Team hold knowledge of EDI systems that are used to map standardized data format into legacy formats.

We have developed a middleware product designed for applications to exchange messages real-time using dynamic message routing, configuration and switching technologies. The application supports transformation of standard payment messages like point, veriphone, UPI, converting them in the canonical form. The framework supports on the fly routing of the message and configurable mappings that enables hard wiring of the message translations.

We support modern Point-of-sale system for an Austrian client. Team was greatly involved in making the software data collection protocol (DEP) compliant. Team was involved in understanding technical requirements laid out by the law, implementation, compliance check and the roll out. We are enhancing the system with new exciting features to add flexibility for the end user and add efficiency to the product.

We have done message mappings for health care domain for US market as well as message mappings in payment solutions. Such projects are high on domain knowledge, research and cutting technologies to develop niche products. We have skills in international formats HL7, FHIR, X12 message formats for health care domains. We have developed a FHIR to HL7 V2 translator that converts the messages back and forth.

We also have skills in message formats Veriphone, Point, UPI. We have developed translation engines that are configurable, secure, and efficient and have smart routing engines to convert these formats.

Developing a social media platform is easier said than done. We have been a technology partner in writing one of such social media platform which that mirrors the real life. Designing such a product was absolutely straightforward but the most complex design at the same time. We have been closely involved in architecture and design of the server side for the micro social media platform. The RESTful API layer caters to android, iOS and web clients.